Why would you choose to work with Syn?

Syn Creativi e Tecnici is a meeting place for professionals whose projects, elaborated by copywriters, photographers and web experts, have Annalisa Sartori, art director as their team leader. The attention to competitive prices is proven by the fact that only the necessary expertise to complete the client's project is required.

​Now days, the necessities are so varied and the instruments available to satisfy them are numerous.
It's important to know how to pick the right strategy to be able to communicate effectively. A good design works for you through time: it will be, in the imaginary of your interlocutors, your company's identity, product or service: YOU. ​

About Annalisa Sartori

In 1996 I founded Syn creativi e tecnici, of which I’m the art director. I realize brand identities for products or services, when needed in team with copywriters, photographers, web experts, video makers and so on.

From the creative point of view , I have a graphic art preparation. I love communication, art and graphics, and I also enjoy writing. Most of the work is done directly by me, but I often play the role of an art director.
Form the organizational point of view, I manage everything from assignments, tasks, deadlines, to choosing my coworkers. I work with freelancers that I consider professional and updated.

I maintain relationships with customers: I try to always deserve their trust, looking for current and relevant proposals in touch with their needs.

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